» Review: Water Lemon

Review: Water Lemon

Review: Water Lemon

Few days before Ramadan, I was so confused, knowing people are kissing lunch outings good-bye, I was looking for a less crowded restaurant, I went to Alhamra tower thinking restaurants are running there only to find out it was Elevation Burger + Kuwaiti cuisine restaurant so I took a detour to Alraya to dine in one of my all time favorite places, Water Lemon. Needless to say, this is their latest menu that was set up by my good friend Chef Cezar who decided to leave Kuwait and go back to Lebanon afterwards, so what ever you order from there, thank him for it, or for that matter diss him if you didn’t like it, I am almost sure you would though, they are slightly towards expensive but I got used to it since quality of food is good.


I quote …..” A sleek and modern venue appealing to families and young alike,serving sleek and modern dishes in sleek & modern tableware. The name, a play on the word waterlemon is representative of the fresh and aqueous atmosphere of waterlemon: as pure and reviving as water, as quenching and zesty as lemon. Generally in concentrated areas such as shopping or business centers, malls and beaches, all where catering is a part of leisure activity.

At waterlemon boutique juice bar you can enjoy a healthy and creative food menu, fresh juices, unique colorful cocktails, specialty coffees and teas in a fresh, relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.

New Slogan: the earth does not belong to us… we belong to earth. Four seasons for ever. At waterlemon the beauty of the four seasons has always been at the heart of our concept, today, we believe that it is time to act to make sure we will have four seasons to celebrate for generations to come. The climate and environment are pressing issues that can no longer be ignored. For this reason waterlemon is embracing an Eco-friendly philosophy. Together we can make a difference to our planet.”

Complimentary Bread Basket Complimentary Bread Basket

They used to serve soft hot buns with soft cheese, now it is olive spread with different breads, I prefer the previous one


We belong to earth We belong to earth

But loving the message on this bread tray, we belong to earth

The earth does not belong to us The earth does not belong to us…

And the other side says “the earth does not belong to us…” very spiritual I would say or simply going green?


Vegetable Soup Vegetable Soup

Rich big bowel of vegetable soup containing tomato, carrot, zucchini & potato with pesto and cheese on a toast on the side, delicious with extra black pepper and a little spice


Chef Salad Chef Salad

My favorite fully loaded salad, on a bed of lettuce there are beef strips, chicken strips, beef bacon shreds & salmon fish with cheese cubes sided by rich balsamic vinaigrette, absolute yum


Even though they left their place in Marina Mall, seems they got a great deal from Al Shaya’ Pink Berry, but I still visit them at Al Rayya center, avenues also shut down and turned to one of their restaurants, zahr elaymoun, not sure if they are available anywhere else.



All in all?

Ambiance: Very Good

Food: Good

Service: very good

Value for money: Average to Fair, acceptable

Would I visit it again: Definitely