» Lunch at Taal Indian Restaurant

Lunch at Taal Indian Restaurant

Lunch at Taal Indian Restaurant

Taal Indian restaurant or should I call it modern Indian cuisine, it if a fine dine with a fine ambiance, furniture, you got to love those chandeliers and high chairs not that they are very comfy but well, it all adds up to its class, go ahead give it a shot, below was my experience, will be repeated.




The Pride Affect

I gotta say, it was the name that attracted me, even though it was hilarious in Arabic “تأثير الافتخار” but never the less it was a delicious sipping.



I always say NO, I wanna wait for food but never do, I can’t resist the temptation of not having chutneys


Chutney- Mango & Chilli Spice

you like pickled mango? I used to have it when I was much younger (the camel brand)


Simply Lemon

Citrus Squeeze, for me this goes with anything and without anything for that matter ;)


Indian Chicken Cesar Salad

The different is that this Cesar salad is full of yoghurt as dressing which is a healthy alternative and way better than the traditional Cesar dressing


Summer Salad

A mix of fruits & vegetables, I really think it is a summery salad, refreshing, I added black pepper and a bit of salt to it.

don’t judge me, just try it! :P


Amritsari Aloo Kulcha

Buttery & full of potato, if not a fan try the buttery ones or cheesy or garlic, all of those I enjoy, along with the plain roti (brown bread)


Murg Potli Kebab

If you order that at night you will notice that the base is on fire which is an appealing scene but not visible in day time


Murg Potli Kebab

Of the metal to the plate, chicken breast stuffed with minced chicken, not so delicious but the presentation is appealing


Murg Potli Kebab

a shot from another angle



Vegie Tinkae

I have always loved mushrooms but I couldn’t enjoy those, too tiny, lost somewhere in my mouth! :P, putting all of those together would not equal the giant stuffed mushrooms my wife makes me.


Navrattan Kebab

Indian type of falafel, a bit rough on the teeth but yes it ain’t your traditional felafel


Malai Prawns

Shrimp with peanut butter sauce? eww? NO, it is actually yummy if you are not allergic to PB then go for it.


Dahi Bhalley

This one was delicious but a bit difficult to describe, yoghurt & daal (lentil) is the main ingredient, if interested in making it or exploring further click on the following link for a recipe.

Recipe: Dahi Bhalley


Lasooni Palak

They say if you eat 1kg a day you will naturally grow muscles, not a myth after all, Popeye definitely heard it from somewhere, I was told about it through a doctor who read it somewhere but not certain, felt like going for that challenge but then spinach is seasonal, lovely dish by the way