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Ruby Tuesday Review

Ruby Tuesday Review

I just couldn’t decide where to go, what cuisine of even what core ingredient I feel like eating so I thought I should just drive, drive & do more driving until I  saw Ruby Tuesday which was out of my radar for some time, bingo, this is where I will eat today, Ruby Tuesday was one of my favorite restaurants but at a period of time they changed the menu several times they also down sized the salad bar & reduced venue space so didn’t want more surprises hence decided to stop going there, it is a different story now.



 Service at Ruby Tuesday is well maintained, they greet you, seat you, serve you and wave you good-bye, in short, good level of service

Salad Bar

Salad Bar

 Even though I did mention earlier that they down sized their salad bar, it is still with a big variety to choose from especially when it comes to vegetables & dressings, I had was broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, boiled eggs, cheese, pickles, boiled potato salad & some little dressings here & there, for the big bellies, the salad bar visits are unlimited so if you feel like having only salads and at the same time-saving, just hit the salad bar once, twice, trice of even a million times! :P, I miss the cheese dips they had before & the tuna salad


Shellfish Trio

Shellfish Trio

 This is a new special, three shellfish items all on one dish. A jumbo lump crab cake, tender broiled lobster tail, and grilled jumbo shrimp brushed with garlic scampi butter. Served with your choice of two sides, it is indeed a lovely dish but it was still missing a punch, maybe some lemon cream sauce for the tail & light version of tar-tar for the crab cake & shrimps


New Orleans Seafood

New Orléans Seafood

 My soul mate’s order, she is a sea foodie as well, in fact she wants to go to fish market gulf road tomorrow for a dinner date! :P, OK back to dish, delicious fries, delicious rice, delicious shrimps with the sauce, the fish was a bit salty, they needed to be a bit more generous with the dressing, it would have reduced the saltness of the fish



All in all?

Ambiance: Good, offering out-door option as well

Food: Good, some tweaking and it can be better, they are different from others though, a good difference

Service: Very Good, friendly and serving in timely manner

Value for money: Good, considering the diversity of items they have

Would I visit it again: Yes