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Review: Prime & Toast

Review: Prime & Toast

A lazy weekend, we pulled ourselves together to go Prime & Toast Bida’ for breakfast, couldn’t just dine outside due to the blazing heat so it was inside, my first time to this branch, friendly staff, quick service and good food, I loved the idea of the menu where it is a while book with few pages of a menu and the remaining pages are blank pages to enter your thoughts, messages, memory,


ideas, sketches…etc, I really enjoyed browsing it and actually asked the waiter to keep the menu for me so I continue reading it after I eat, one great idea that inspires me once I hopefully have my restaurant. the theme, concept and simplicity is simply comforting.


Spinach Omelet Spinach Omelet

Spinach Omelet Spinach Omelet

Scrambled Eggs with a customized request, spinach and cheese with brown toast and a roasted tomato, delicious


Mulberry Eggs Mulberry Eggs

Scrambled Eggs with roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes and crostini on the side, I expected more work on the omelet itself but that being said they go well all together, specially the rosemary part with the omelet


Hangover Hangover

What a name, Hangover. burger on a bun, fried eggs, mushrooms, cheddar cheese dressed with hollandaise sauce and onion rings, I expected less on this one, good for brunch or lunch and not breakfast unless you are used to have such heavy breakfasts then yes it is delicious , the fries are just …yum

Hangover Slice Hangover Slice





All in all?

Ambiance: Good & cozy, outside  has more space, inside can get noisy when crowded

Food: Good

Service: Average

Value for money: Good

Would I visit it again: Yes