» Review: Oma’s Noodles

Review: Oma’s Noodles

Review: Oma’s Noodles

Couple of days ago I was told by a friend about Oma’s Noodles, he wanted my opinion in the concept itself and since I have craved noodles for some time, he surely shared it on a right time, I placed an order the same day I saw his message, anyway, since it is a newly established home business and their Facebook page hardly has any info, I called to get more details about the menu, the gentleman was very helpful and pleasant to talk to, 


he shared the menu and some details about new items over Whatsapp, it was afternoon when I called and asked for it to be delivered at 7pm, I can say everything went well from the point of taking the order until receiving it as for the food, well, I will be going on about it in the post, for the record though everything is made fresh from scratch except for the sauces and spring rolls pastry which adds more flavor & joy to the food, I do have some personal suggestions which I believe would make the food even better. Best of luck for Oma’s Noodles.



Pastel Cheese Pastel Cheese

I would have said delicious ONLY if it had more cheese, I really enjoyed the crispness of it but more cheese is suggested even if it means rate will go higher, it is worth loading it, if this happens then this will surely be a repeated order, what is so smart about the delivery box is that it had vents from the sides which allows the steam to exit hence maintaining the crispness, smart going guys


Resoles Resoles

These were absolutely amazing, I actually wrote back to them asking them about ingredients, it had shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots, spring onions, bechamel sauce rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, a must try


Spring Rolls Spring Rolls

The spring rolls were just spring rolls, decent brought to crisp from the outside and soft from the inside


Fried Noodles - Beef Fried Noodles – Beef

Having this made from scratch.. it is a bit hard to imagine noodles being made fresh which gives Oma’s an edge on many established businesses specially when their pricing is very much affordable and just about right, when I had my first bite I had mixed thoughts, thinking whether it was cooked to perfection or was it missing something since it was a bit chewy but then I remembered I hardly eat processed flour so I kind of lost the taste of it, as you all may know, whole-wheat products are less chewy and they tend to break more easily, anyway, this had delicious Indonesian style noodles along with vegetables & beef, you could easily taste the mix of noodles & vegetables for the most with absolute joy


Fried Noodles - Vegetables Fried Noodles – Vegetables

This is actually beef noodles, seems I shot the same dish twice but on any case if you just remove the beef then it is the vegetable noodles, delicious as well


Spicy Shrimp Spicy Shrimp

This is a new item that was not part of the menu, fried shrimps with black & sesame seeds in a thick spicy sauce, it was delicious as well but personally and I say personally here because I know some might disagree, this can turn into a healthier option by having it in less of that sauce and have the bigger portion of the sauce on the side for those who want to add more, I would prefer it that way, and since it is a sauce, it will not change the delicious taste of it because it would not be simmered nor cooked with that sauce used


Oma's Noodles Oma’s Noodles

Details: Fresh home-made noodles, To order: 99923445, 11:00 am to 09:00 pm, they have a small menu but seems that they will be adding more stuff later on, it is a smart move to be focused on very few items to start with, good luck Oma’s team



All in all?

Ambiance: N/A, home delivery

Food: Very Good

Service: Excellent

Value for money: Excellent

Would I visit it again: Yes I would order again