» Review: Johnny Rockets

Review: Johnny Rockets

Review: Johnny Rockets

Seems to me it is the “pending reviews” month, I can’t believe I had this much of reviews deep inside many sub folders in my hard drive, I wonder who was I hiding it from, anyway, Johnny Rockets is definitely an all time favorite,  specially that I don’t go there often (to maintain my weight and food nutrients) so when I go I really GO, don’t mind the quality of photos, I wasn’t much of a photographer back then,

I still ain’t but I did improve since then and by improve I mainly mean I try to use sun light as my source of light or if at all no direct flash also rest assured that food is great but you should always mind your portions


Chili Fries Chili Fries

Topped with cheese, meat & chopped onions, a classic deliciousness


Rocket Wings Rocket Wings

Tasty chicken wings, served plain or tumbled, including traditional sweet BBQ or hot rocket fuel sauce


Rocket Double Rocket Double

Two patties, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice & special sauce, I am always hesitant to try a two patty burger and I always end up saying why did I get it with 2 patties, so I remember the visit after I ordered 2 different burgers each with 1 patty instead of 1 with 2 patties, variety is good and if you are going to mess up your diet then mess it right, my 2nd burger would always be wrapped by lettuce but again JR has delicious nicely cooked patties


Smoke House Single Smoke House Single

Cheddar cheese, thick beef bacon, crispy onion rings & smoke house barbecue-ranch sauce, another fatty tasty burger


Chicken Club Sandwich Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast with thick beef bacon, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato & mayonnaise on triple-decker sourdough, it was ok, I can’t be negative for the sake of being negative but after I felt the burgers were a better option, I felt that a thick fat beef bacon goes even better with a beef patty, maybe the other sandwiches over powered this one, I will try having this the 1st thing on my next visit, maybe it would give me a different opinion but it is definitely a lighter choice



All in all?

Ambiance: Good, Marina Crescent

Food: Very Good

Service: Very Good

Value for money: Fair

Would I visit it again: Yes but once in a while