» Review: Iftar from Oma’s Noodles

Review: Iftar from Oma’s Noodles

Review: Iftar from Oma’s Noodles

Last week I have invited my friend over for Iftar, but since I felt like having something NOT from our kitchen I decided to order Oma’s Noodles, I have tried them before and I was confident that my friend will enjoy the noodles as much as I did, I have ordered 3 boxes of noodles (veg, chicken & beef) and resoles, they added fried vegetable rice & sweet & sour chicken complementary from Oma’s, (very much appreciated), I can never say no to food, I recently realized that it was not just about eating for me, it is very much about shooting the dishes, to an extent if I am about to dine out without my camera I would postpone it until I grab my camera, I previously mentioned “anyway, since it is a newly established home business and their Facebook page hardly has any info, I called to get more details about the menu, the gentleman was very helpful and pleasant to talk to” second part about being pleasant is true, 1st part apparently was just a conclusion but then I realized that they have more focus on instagram, this is where is Kuwait heading to as a social app, for now. FYI, I was so hungry and couldn’t wait much on propping the food, always got an excuse on why I don’t prop.



Resoles Resoles

These were absolutely amazing, my second time and they still taste exciting, reminder about ingredients,  it had shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots, spring onions, bechamel sauce rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, a must try


Beef Noodles Vegetable Noodles

 Having this made from scratch.. it is a bit hard to imagine noodles being made fresh which gives Oma’s an edge on many established businesses specially when their pricing is very much affordable and just about right, this had delicious Indonesian style noodles along with vegetables, you could easily taste the mix of noodles & vegetables for the most with absolute joy


Fried Vegetable Rice Fried Vegetable Rice

Peas, carrots & spring onions cooked along with rice, I actually had to lie to my wife & say it is brown rice (can’t believe she fell for it), I wanted her to have a break from brown rice, she enjoyed as I did and then I told her it wasn’t brown at all, it is just the sauce


Noodles Noodles

Again, my hunger took the best out of me, I forgot to take individual shots so I added this photo that shows a blurred beef noodles, the main is the vegetable noodles and far back is the sweet & sour, as I said, Oma’s Noodles offers delicious noodles


Sweet & Sour Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken

 The untraditional version of sweet & sour or it is the original one, I am not sure, but this is light breaded chicken that is sweetened along with 3 colors of bell pepper, compared to the sweet & sour we have in Kuwait, this one is much lighter with less ingredients


Oma's Noodles Oma’s Noodles

Details: Fresh home-made noodles, To order: 99923445, 11:00 am to 09:00 pm, they have a small menu but seems that they will be adding more stuff later on, it is a smart move to be focused on very few items to start with, good luck Oma’s team, note that the hours above are their general working hours, I am sure it is different in Ramadan but to know more feel free to call and ask



All in all?

Ambiance: N/A, home delivery

Food: Very Good

Service: Excellent

Value for money: Excellent

Would I visit it again: Yes I would order again