» PQ – Le Pain Quotidien Breakfast Review

PQ – Le Pain Quotidien Breakfast Review

PQ – Le Pain Quotidien Breakfast Review

This is officially my favorite breakfast place with lots of varieties to choose from every dish beats the other so it can get puzzling on what to eat but less for me since I order multiple dishes anyway. I can’t even count the number of times I have been there since I got introduced to the place, don’t miss it, seriously.



Le Pain Quotidien Jams

Rhubarbe, 4 fruits & figs, they even offer a winder variety such as orange, strawberry and some organic jams as well, served with butter & a breadbasket loaded with kinds of bread, they also offer them to buy off the shelf


Le Pain Quotidien Cheese Board

The cheese board has dried tomatoes, Greek olives, maple syrup, Kashkaval cheese I think, goat cheese, feta cheese & emmental cheese I think, whatever cheese it was, they are all delicious, maple &  cheese was a good idea too.


Le Pain Quotidien  Arabic Mezze

Cucumber, tomato, halloumi cheese, eggplant purée, humus & black eyes beans, all nicely prepared, another delicious variety, just pour in the olive oil


Le Pain Quotidien Cheese & Turkey Omelet

Scrambled eggs stuffed with cheese & turkey, nothing extra ordinary yet delicious


Le Pain Quotidien Spanish Omelet

This is is stuffed with vegetables it is like pizza made with omelet instead of dough, onions, bell pepper, olives & mushrooms


Le Pain Quotidien Organic Egg Sandwich

Organic eggs on brown toast, with olive oil drizzle? it tastes absolutely fabulous, there is not much to say about their food but there is definitely much to taste, I usually talk less when I am enjoying the food so again if you didn’t try it, go for it and share your experience with us


All in all?

Ambiance: Great & cozy, the one at Marina Crescent

Food: Excellent, delicious, creative & simple in preparation

Service: Very good

Value for money: Very good

Would I visit it again: Yes