» Home Made Rock Solid Food III

Home Made Rock Solid Food III

Home Made Rock Solid Food III

Another home-made-rock-solid food, this feast was cooked by my sister-in-law, since the menu was huge I will be splitting it in to two or three posts, I keep pushing her to start her own home business because her kitchen work is so **** good!, ranging from starters, soups, mains & desserts, it is a full package, I do avoid visiting her much knowing that I would put on much more weight, more than just being over weight, although my wife’s kitchen work is mostly healthy & light, lucky me. The size of the table versus the number of dishes served, yes we needed a bigger table, or less food for that matter, link to the earlier posts part I & part II.



Now that I am finally back from Malaysia, I continue to post, sorry about not being able to add stuff during the past week

Cream of onion soup Cream of onion soup

I thought it was cream of chicken until I tried some of it, it was some delicious nontraditional onion soup, slightly heavy though


Salad - فتوش Salad – فتوش

One of my all time favorite salad, usually consisting of cucumber, tomato, radish and some green leafs with fried bread and balsamic or molasses as dressing, corn and carrots were her additions


Chicken Wings Chicken Wings

 Didn’t try these, crispy breaded chicken wings


Samosa & Spring Rolls Samosa & Spring Rolls

Feta cheese samosa & vegetable rolls, perfectly fried and of course richly stuffed


Grilled fried Kebbeh Grilled fried Kebbeh

 Originally this is a grill type of kebbeh but my sister in law decided to fry it after grilling it so it can get crispier from outside, the oils you see is the melting fat, this is usually stuffed with meat, fat, nuts & pomegranate, very delicious but dare you to be able to have one full piece, extremely heavy but again extremely rich in taste, bad for cholesterol too


Sheesh Barak Sheesh Barak

This is minced meat stuffed in dumplings and cooked in yogurt, a traditional Mediterranean dish, Syrian in particular but maybe Turkish since the word sheesh is Turkish and means pieces