» Home-made-rock-solid-food II

Home-made-rock-solid-food II

Home-made-rock-solid-food II

Another home-made-rock-solid food, this feast was cooked by my sister-in-law, since the menu was huge I will be splitting it in to two or three posts, I keep pushing her to start her own home business because her kitchen work is so **** good!, ranging from starters, soups, mains & desserts, it is a full package, I do avoid visiting her much knowing that I would put on much more weight, more than just being over weight, although my wife’s kitchen work is mostly healthy & light, lucky me. The size of the table versus the number of dishes served, yes we needed a bigger table, or less food for that matter, like to the earlier post part I.


Fattoush - Salad Fattoush – Salad – فتوش

Traditional salad consisting of greens, tomato, olives, fried bread & sprinkled with balsamic or molasses, I love it with extra calamata olives


Fried Kebbeh - كبة مقلية Fried Kebbeh – كبة مقلية

Delightful bites, borghol stuffed with minced meat lamb meat, diced onions & pine nuts, I can eat lots of those


Chicken Pie - فطيرة دجاج Chicken Pie – فطيرة دجاج

Was so curious thinking it was dessert, salt food but no bummer, loved it, much more than chicken but didn’t bother to ask what else was in there


Fatta - فتة Fatta – فتة

Another traditional dish, yogurt, fried bread, garlic, fried nuts, eggplant stuffed with minced meat, a bit of it would do just perfect, lots of it is as good as a main course


Chicken Rolls - Musakhan - مسخن Chicken Rolls – Musakhan – مسخن

 Rolls stuffed with chicken, onion, sumac & a bit of olive oil, this is a developed version of the real deal where i t is whole multiple chickens with lots of olive oil, onion, sumac on a bed of thick whole wheat bread