» Home-made-rock-solid-food I

Home-made-rock-solid-food I

Home-made-rock-solid-food I

Another home-made-rock-solid food, this feast was cooked by my sister-in-law, since the menu was huge I will be splitting it in to two or three posts, I keep pushing her to start her own home business because her kitchen work is so **** good!, ranging from starters, soups, mains & desserts, it is a full package, I do avoid visiting her much knowing that I would put on much more weight, although my wife’s kitchen work is mostly healthy & light, lucky me, I will be rating the experience hoping my sister-in-law wouldn’t give me a piece of her mind on the size of the table versus the number of so many dishes served, yes we needed a bigger table, or less food.


Cheese & Vegetable Samosa Cheese & Vegetable Samosa

The vegetable is rich and semi- Mediterranean in stuffed, delicious and different but the cheese is super, a mix of 2 types of cheese, amazing taste and a brilliant fry, no pops or burns on the surface


Freekeh Freekeh

 One of my all time favorite, lucky me she cooked it for only me and since no one eats Freekeh, I didn’t bother eating knowing I will be taking it home, a healthy filling option, grains, peas, chicken & fried nuts with yogurt on the side


Stuffed Vine Leafs - ورق عنب Stuffed Vine Leafs – ورق عنب

I didn’t get a chance to taste that dish, bummer


Meat Balls Meat Balls

 Meat balls or mini kababs, deliciously cooked in real tomato and onions, the meat is of lamb with mild spices


Zucchini, Beef Mice & Cheese Zucchini, Beef Mice & Cheese

 This dish has a name, I am just unable to remember it, I first got introduced to this dish 2 years ago thinking it was her invention then she told me that it is a popular dish in some parts of the world but again this is not to miss, very light and tasteful



All in all?

Ambiance: Home sweet home

Food: Excellent

Service: needed a bigger table

Value for money: priceless

Would I visit it again: Very occasional so I wouldn’t put on weight