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Casper & Gambini’s

Woke up hungry, we decided to go to C&G Marina to have some break fast, which we did, some shopping then decided to go back to C&G for lunch! :P, it was like magnet or I was just terribly hungry, those guys at Casper & Gambini’s sure know how to perfect fried food, combination of ingredients and the crispness is just top-notch




Salmon Egg Benedict

 The main dish, some baked potato, egg benedict, salmon & herbs, a beautiful & a healthy combination

Salmon Egg Benedict - BURST

 Burst the egg, nostalgic, I used to eat a lot of half-cooked eggs when I was a little boy, now they say it is unhealthy (salmonella…bla bla) but better be cautious anyway


Some Appetizer, just can't figure out what it is.

 What is this, I kept asking my self when I moved the photos to my laptop, honestly I have no clue,


Some Appetizer -Casper & Gambini's, clear shot

 but with that sauce? I can have a wild guess and say chicken? maybe


Risotto Balls - creative!

 Be hold of the Risotto Balls, very creative and out of the box but not very delicious :P, what is good about it though that it is very crisp from the outside and mushy mushy from the inside and the shell does taste good



Calamari Rings

 Now this is a must have, the deliciousness you will experience is unbeatable by any other restaurant that serves fried Calamari, at least among the ones I tried.



Pasta With Basil Pesto & Pine Nuts


This was decent, no way it would beat Carinoz though nor Adante or other Italian joints, I guess it is just complementing the menu and available for a quick decision & quick money :P

More talks about C&G coming soon, care to share your opinion?